How To Draw Backgrounds

How To Draw Backgrounds

Hello! Here, I will explain How I draw my Background – Part 1: Portrait format! (I’ll do as soon as possible a landscape version!) Don’t forget it’s just my way to do, not everyone’s way. ^^ >> I won’t show how I colored it in this version, but I’ll with the Landscape version!! << That is the result: Ok, let’s begin o/ •Step 1: Perspective lines

So, here is a new writeup. Heads up. I suffer Everquest Titanium partial colorblindness and never went to any art school. Technique and theory in this tutorial might not be correct. This is also not an in-depth step by step tutorial and it is meant for people that have some knowledge on Photoshop. Original Photo Browsing through my photo gallery, I found this hallway photo which is perfect for showing Everquest Titanium Makoto Shinkai using layers for shadow.

Separating The Foreground From Background The first thing I usually do is to remove the background sky from the foreground object.

Depending on your artwork, you might need to mask different objects into different layers. This will greatly help on painting and animation later on.

It is also better to use a mask to crop out the object instead of erasing the image directly. With mask, you can crop with brush B and eraser Einstead of clicking undo all the time. Do not just use random google photos. Check the copyright too. Paint Over After separating the hallway into it own layer, I added in the missing area with a hard round brush. You can also apply the “remove noise” filter, to remove noise and image compression artifact from the photo.

Sky Add a new layer behind the hallway layer. Start painting the sky with a soft round edge brush. You can use the gradient tool as Everquest Titanium, but I prefer Everquest Titanium it manually to give it a painting feel.

I strongly recommend use color reference for this step unless you are already a pro, which Everquest Titanium this case you shouldn’t be reading this noob tutorial at all These are some photos I took with my camera phone. As you can see, the colors are already quite saturated and perfect for animation background.

Cloud Painting clouds are not easy. Makoto Shinkai can use 2 or 3 seconds to paint a nice looking cloud, while we noob spend 2 hours on a cloud and it still look like crap.

Of course we can cheat with pasting photo like how I did last Everquest Titanium. But if we really want to improve, we will need to keep on painting.

In my artwork, I use these two default brush from photoshop. How To Draw Backgrounds Round brush with “other dynamic” on and “brush tip hardness” lower down. Use for drawing base cloud shape and blending. Chalk brush. Use Everquest Titanium “erasing” part of the cloud.

Draw a base cloud shape with the round brush. Delete part of the cloud with the chalk brush. Lock layer transparency. Lower down the round brush opacity and blend in another color.

Use the round brush to paint the little cloud. Play with brush size jitter and scattering option as well. Only with these two brush, we came out with a not so bad looking cloud. Imagine if you are using custom brush, the result will be even better. The key of cloud painting is “randomness”. Random in cloud shape and random Everquest Titanium cloud placement, so it will look natural and not too organize or symmetry.

Unfortunately, cloud painting is not something I had excel with. You can read my other tutorials on anime cloud painting and look at the brush settings for painting anime cloud. Put Everquest Titanium layer on top of the hallway layer, and set the blend mode to “multiply”. Everquest Titanium Now you can see why I remove the real shadow from the photo, else we going to end up with two different shadows casting in different direction.

Grass, Trees, Bushes Painting trees, bushes are similar with painting cloud. The main differences are using different type of brush. The image above shown some of the custom brush I made.

You should be able to create your own custom brush easily either by using photo or manually drawing the leaves shape. Remember to change the option for “Shape Dynamic”, “Scattering” and “Jittering” too.

Draw the base shape with the custom leaf brush. Color pick the blended color and paint again. Remember to make use of layer too, so changes can be done on different object easily. You can read my other tutorials on anime tree painting or watch a How To Draw Backgrounds video of me painting anime How To Draw Backgrounds. Distance Building Distance building are quite easy to paint.

Add new layer, draw the building details window in front view. Duplicate the shape layer and merge them to the building layer. Another things to remember is, since distance objects Everquest Titanium already locate far away, so the colors can be simplify How To Draw Backgrounds simple shades.

To add Mist. Use the soft round edge brush to paint the mist. Paint the floor with a warm color and set the blending mode to “screen”, so it look like the floor are reflecting some lights from the sun.

To add glow effect. Add new layer, use the soft round edge brush to paint the glowing area light source. Change the blending mode to addictive mode like “Screen” or “linear dodge add “. This is the final artwork which I spend the whole afternoon painting it.


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How To Draw Backgrounds

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Hello! Here, I will explain How I draw my Background – Part 1: Portrait format! (I’ll do as soon as possible a landscape version!) Don’t forget it’s just my way to do, not everyone’s way. ^^ >> I won’t show how I colored it in this version, but I’ll with the Landscape version!! << That is the result: Ok, let’s begin o/ •Step 1: Perspective lines

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