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Home / Flat Top Fidget Spinner. Showing 1-14 of 14 results The Flat Top is a fidgeters dream, a purpose made hand spinner that displays the effects of gyroscopic physics combined with the well-loved spinning top. The Flat Top can be spun in the hand, on the tip of your finger, your desk or even the point of a pen or knife to really show off the …

This is an easy to carry spinner that is simple and discrete but also effective to use for focusing and relieving stress. And this small tool is a good way to kill some time or help you concentrate throughout the day.

Pros Comes in a nice leather case Has a long spin time Great spinner for the price Cons Bearing sometimes falls out and it is easy to lose Final Verdict — The Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy has an design making it both a strong and durable spinner. This is a good choice for either an adult or a child and is easy to carry with you when you need to concentrate.

With its all-metal design, this fidget spinner is strong and durable. It is compact and easy to carry for discrete fun wherever you may need it.

Comfortably fitting in your pocket, the Tri Spinner can help you relieve stress while improving your focus. This is a perfect weighted and balanced spinner that spins smoothly while you use it.

Pros Good build quality and it comes with a container Very solid construction Long and smooth spin time Cons Not very balanced Final Verdict — The tri fidget spinner helps you to improve your focus with a smooth and long spin time. It has a good build quality with very solid construction that will give you hours of fun and relaxation. It is constructed of solid metal with a well-balanced design that will give you serious satisfaction.

With high-quality R hybrid bearings, the Precision Fidget Spinner will outperform any of its competition, especially those cheap plastic spinners. The Precision Fidget Spinner has a premium design that lets you spin for up to five minutes with just one or both hands. When you use the gears, you get a satisfying alternative to your normal spin.

This is a great tool to help increase your concentration, reduce anxiety, or quit a bad habit. It can be used by both kids and adults. And helps you to improve your cognitive performance with a quiet and discreet spinner. Pros Good quality with a long spin time Easy to use and durable Cons A little on the expensive side Final Verdict — The Precision Spinner is a good quality spinner that is well-balanced, and it has good construction.

With its beautiful and easy to use design. You Best Rated Fidget Spinner be able to improve your concentration with this discreet and easy to use a tool. Best Rated Fidget Spinner With a removable and user-friendly design, you can remove the bearing for easy maintenance.

The Fidget Spinner Toy also features no sharp edges with CNC technology that cut out round corner and protects your fingers from getting sore. The Hand Spinner also features a compact size that is easy to put in your pocket. It is also easy to spin and is great for either kids or adults.

With its ADHD focus, this tri-spinner is good for focusing, anxiety, and autism, or for those needing to quit a bad habit or to stay away. This smooth, high-speed hand spinner also has a removable design that makes it easy to maintain.

Pros Great price for a metal spinner Top Fidget Spinner stainless steel hybrid Bearings Nice solid spinner with great weight to it Cons Bearing makes a loud noise when you spin it Final Verdict — Hand Fidget Spinner is a compact fidget spinner that is great for help those suffering from ADHD and autism.

It is easy to maintain, and it has a Top Fidget Spinner and high — speed spin that will keep you focused and on task. Fidget spinners are compact toys that fit easily in your pocket that you can rotate on ball bearings that provide a satisfying sensory experience.

You can also use them to do tricks by tossing and twirling them that has created dozens of instructional videos on youtube. These spinners have also been found to help individuals with autism, generalized anxiety disorder.

And ADHD while also helping those that need a device that will help them focus better. There are even claims that these spinners help you concentrate, so you can get your creative juices flowing at work. Fidget Spinner Features Bearings were originally created for wheeled hobbies like skateboards and inline skates. Bearings are the little metal rings that connect Best Rated Fidget Spinner wheel to the axle.

They now have a new purpose as the bearing of fidget spinners thanks to their incredible success. Consisting of a larger and smaller ring, a fidget spinner sandwiches these rings between several ball bearings. Found within the groove, also known as a racer, ball bearings are held at intervals with a separator, also known as a cage.

These are the universal parts of a fidget spinner. Only the shielding has any differentiation. Types of Fidget Spinners Open fidget spinners have bearings with no shielding so that the ball bearings are completely exposed.

Shielded bearings feature a shield over the ball bearings which help to protect the inside from dirt and debris. The Top Fidget Spinner bearings are free to roll along the track inside all fidget spinner bearings. Which means that the rings can spin smoothly and independently from each other. The other size that you will see a lot is the R With a If you are making your own fidget spinner using these smaller ball bearings keep in the mind that the R bearings can have differing widths between 4.

It is also Best Rated Fidget Spinner to adapt your R to fit a sized hole by using an adapter. If you have a fidget spinner bearings adapter also known as a core with either a shaped plastic or metal disc with a hole in the center that will accommodate an R ball bearing. Once you place the R bearing into the hole of the adaptor, you can place the entire thing into your accommodating fidget spinner. And you are ready to start spinning.

It may require some searching on the internet or ingenuity on your part to design your own. Types of fidget spinner bearings You will find that there are three different types of fidget spinner ball bearings. All-Metal An all-metal bearing means that both the inner and outer rings, as well as the ball bearings, are created from various types of metals including stainless, high-carbon, Top Fidget Spinner chrome steel. Manufacturers create these bearings with the idea that they will be used in some sort of sporting good so they will usually come pre-greased.

Grease Best Rated Fidget Spinner unfortunately not the way to get a long spin out of a fidget spinner. So it is often necessary to strip away all the grease otherwise you will run into short spin times.

And they can easily be fixed to make the spins longer. With a little work, you can get all-metal Top Fidget Spinner to spin for longer periods of time. Plus, you will also need to keep them away from moisture to stop rust and corrosion.

Full Ceramic Made of ceramic, the full ceramic bearing which includes Best Rated Fidget Spinner the outer and inner rings and the ball-bearings are made from a mix of ceramic compositions. Hybrid Hybrids, also known as hybrid-ceramic, use ceramic ball bearings making them very heat and chemical resistant. Because they use the ceramic ball bearings they get a better spin, especially the longer that you use them.

As you use the ceramic ball bearings the burn their own path inside on the metal racer. They also come pre-greased like all-metal bearings, so it will be necessary to clean them to get better spin times. Bearing Maintenance Here are a few tips on maintenance for the ball bearings in your fidget spinner: Clean off the grease or lubricant from all metals bearings with acetone. If you intend to take off the grease from your all metal bearings, you will need a strong solvent to do the simple process.

But it can be something as simple as rubbing alcohol. When using acetone, make sure to wear protective gear and avoid getting any on your skin. You can pick up acetone from any hardware store. So make sure to disassemble it completely before dipping the bearing into the solvent. Also, check the compatibility of your solvent with plastic.

It is easy to remove the shield if the bearing has one by using a screwdriver. When you submerge the bearing in a solvent, give a little bit of a wash while working the solvent around the ball bearings. And then Best Rated Fidget Spinner it a few spins to make sure you got it all. After removing it from the solvent, let it dry through evaporation or by running the hairdryers.

If you find your all-metal or hybrid fidget spinner bearings has formed some rust. It is possible to remove it with a long soaking in household vinegar to get rid of it. Which fidget spinner bearing should I choose.

There are pros and cons for each of the three types of fidget spinners. An all-metal fidget spinner that you can strip the oil away on will be your best bet. Otherwise, if you are in the middle, a hybrid just needs a little de-lubrication.

And breaking in to get a long spinning time. Overall So, these are the facts on fidget spinners.


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Home / Flat Top Fidget Spinner. Showing 1-14 of 14 results The Flat Top is a fidgeters dream, a purpose made hand spinner that displays the effects of gyroscopic physics combined with the well-loved spinning top. The Flat Top can be spun in the hand, on the tip of your finger, your desk or even the point of a pen or knife to really show off the …

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