Wraith Cooler

Wraith Cooler

Feb 03, 2016 · AMD’s Wraith weighs in at 455g, which is a whopping 125g more than the old stock CPU cooler.

It also has larger dimensions. It stands 8cm tall, is …Author: Igor Wallossek

The company’s marketing team is incredibly confident in its latest thermal solution.

Perhaps too confident. The processor’s price doesn’t change as a result of the addition. Instead, any remaining FX processors with the old stock cooler are getting a discount. Whether they ever do will likely depend on the Wraith’s success with its Everquest Titanium AMD’s presentation offers a nice overview of the Wraith CPU cooler: It’s nice to see that the company is finally paying some attention to its bundled CPU coolers, which typically get the short end of the stick outside of the system integrator arena.

AMD’s goal was seemingly to provide just as much cooling headroom as absolutely necessary for the lowest possible price.

Acoustics never appeared to be a big concern, which is why enthusiasts deride the stock experience so often. The Wraith is noticeably larger thanks to its increased surface area.

Consequently, there’s nothing new and exciting to be Everquest Titanium about how the Wraith is constructed, since we know the manufacturer’s work from AMD- Cooler Master- and AVC-branded products. It also has larger dimensions. The heat sink consists of two parts, which are stamped together.

It contains a total of four 6mm pipes made of a copper composite material.

These are supposed to distribute waste heat evenly across the aluminum cooling fins that are also stamped in place. This model has a 92mm fan that’s AMD’s logo can be found hidden behind the Wraith’s cover.

The logo lights up once the Wraith becomes active, but when it’s off, it is barely noticeable. This effect is achieved using a special coating, which is applied on the letters in a raster pattern.

It is connected via a thin 12V power cable, which is hidden between the cooler and its cover during assembly.

Here’s an audio recording of him speaking, which we’re happy to share: There are a couple of statements to note.

Consequently, we’re having the Wraith compete against AMD’s Wraith Cooler W stock cooler to see just how big of a difference there really is between the two. We’re also throwing the Thermalright Macho Rev.

We could have added Everquest Titanium less expensive models that perform similar to Thermalright’s Macho and are closer to the Wraith by also using a top-down airflow design, but we wanted to show that an ultra-quiet tower CPU cooler doesn’t Wraith Cooler have to be, and sometimes shouldn’t be, the obvious choice.

We’ll get back to this point in just a little while.


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Wraith Cooler

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